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    Post by AmaraD on Fri May 18, 2012 9:04 am

    Velika. The Silver Pint was a quiet tavern, near enough to the best parts of Velika to keep it clean and well kept. Not so close that patrols would hurt business. Comfortably dark, discreet and all the civilized accommodations she could want.

    Today one of the booth's was Malani's office away from home. She'd worked out her lingering irritation at the Martial complex. The trainers and off-duty soldiers were always willing and interested to try their hand against magic in a little more controlled situation. It was good practice for the front line, and it was exciting exercise for her.

    A cold, frosty beverage (something tropical and fruity) rested on the table as she looked through her paper work, tapping on copy of the company roster with a sharp talon. Reviewing the names of her business partners in this little enterprise.

    Verael. The weakest link in her eyes so far. After all she'd seen from him thus far had been about his lost money, and chasing any fair face that caught his eye. She'd done her best to provoke a reaction to evaluate what his true interest and devotion was, if any, to the company. Anything else that came of it was simply an extra idle distraction.

    Mal eyed the name on the roster broodingly and scratched it out - she'd have to make sure that Castanic need to chase tail didn't interfere with security. Or give some one the job of keeping him from getting out of hand.

    So far she'd maintained a careful distance from the other brother to gauge his ability as a leader. He'd won the company fair and square - however badly Malani wanted it - and deserved the opportunity. If he had proved weak, foolish or short sided, it would have been simple enough to undercut him to no more then a figure head. But his recruitment had been solid so far, and his plans showed he had the foresight to handle plans more complex then killing bandits on the frontier for Valkyon.

    Neither foolish or weak. That made it a more complicated situation. Particularly since the sorceress loathed the idea of a power struggle that didn't involve heavy explosives.

    Alektos and Baeshra. She knew next to nothing about the two female Castanics, but they seemed very up front in their interests. Neither threat nor disappointment.

    The new recruits - Reyth and Viconnia seemed like good swords, but what other skills or devotion they possessed was a mystery. Mal was not sure what exactly Arawn had hired them in for - A little mark next to each name for further investigation.

    Antonious was a very interesting choice. The Aman was a good hand at strategy and schemes, but the minutia of money making was not so much her point of call. She owed the human several conversations once she had a chat was Arawn about her standing in the company. They couldn't afford to delay on this. Which moved the discussion with Arawn from 'eventually' to 'soon'.

    "Dammit" Malani muttered, polishing off her drink and turning to her mail for a distraction.

    Business proposition. Business proposition. Her lips twisted into a smile - A very long inappropriate letter from an old friend in Castanica to be read and enjoyed later, in private, with wine. Business proposition...

    From Master Torgak, of the trade house?!


    It has come to my attention you are at last finding honest work within a mercenary company, instead of wandering the lands like a vagabond. Mercenary work is dangerous business for one of your temperament, so in repayment for favors owed, I am referring a young man of my acquaintance to you.

    His name is Devan Duskbrook, a High Elf mystic of exceptional character. We employed him here as house healer for over a year, but frankly we didn't have the work for him. Even our soldiers returning from escorts.

    He is currently in Velika looking for employment once more, and I offered to provide my recommendation to you on his behalf. You can never have too many healers in the line of work you seek.

    Master Torgak. House of the Red Caravan."

    Malani sipped her drink as she re-read the letter. They really could use another healing hand about the place, and it would give her an opportunity to start interacting more directly with Arawn. If the elf was equal to the value of the favor Torgak owed her was another story all together.


    I have a new recruit for you. An elven Mystic that comes highly recommended with field medic experience. I'm sending him your way for an interview in Cutthroat as the Pegasus flies. I'll make sure he brings his full credentials.

    - Malani."

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