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    Post by Arawn on Tue May 22, 2012 9:59 am

    Arawn looked over the top edge of his cards, trying to hide the grin on his face as he had a rather nice hand. The Aman he was playing with, who towered above his 16 year old form, threw his cards down on the table to call the boy. With a flick of his wrist, the boy laid down his hand to show a full house, which beat the Aman's two pair. Reaching out collecting his winnings, he pulled them all into a small leather bag before standing up from the table. This was a much better way of paying off the Master's debts, prior he would be scrubbing toilets, dishes or any other dirty work to gain coin to keep his Master with wine and women. Stepping out of the tavern, the brightness of the day almost blinded him before he broke out in a run. He was late yet again for his daily training.

    Arawn's days were spent either training or honing his skills at the card table. His Master was an old gruff Warrior Sword-master who took only one apprentice. His mornings were spent sleeping off the hang over from the prior night's activities, his days with his apprentice and his evenings racking up a tab which Arawn had to find some way to pay for. Arawn often thought of his twin brother, how he was doing and if his training was similar to his own.

    He spotted his Master next to a small field of posts as he reached the edge of town. Running to meet him, he was curious as to what this training would detail. He stood then behind his Master, bowing in apology.

    "My apologies Master, I was winning again and didn't wish to leave until the hand was over."

    The Human ignored his excuse and instead ordered his student to jump up onto one of the posts. Not wanting to displease him further Arawn did so without a word. When standing on one post, he noticed that there was only enough room for one foot, so he stood on his left while his right hung free.

    "Now, jump to the other."

    Arawn bent down on his left leg to leap to the post next to him, his right foot this time on the post while his left was free. He held his arms out from his body as he balanced himself from the leap.

    "Good, now use your hands on the posts behind you and land on your left foot on the post three rows back."

    Arawn looked behind him at the post his Master wanted him to land on, raising an eyebrow as he looked back at him.

    "But Master..."

    He was cut off quickly.

    "You do this sort of move on the ground, it should make no difference."

    With a nod of his head, Arawn did what his Master told him, this time however he lost his balance and fell off to the side, landing ribs first against another post. The blow reddened and bruised, immediately the edges of the scrape bled slightly. Standing to his feet, he held his side as he looked to his master.

    "What are you looking at, try again, this time don't fail."

    Taking a deep breath, Arawn got back up on the posts and tried again. This training day was spent doing all sorts of acrobatical flips and leaps from post to post. By the end of the day, Arawn learned to retain his balance no matter his position and flew through the air with precision, landing exactly how he was instructed.

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