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    Is the beginning the end?


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    Is the beginning the end? Empty Is the beginning the end?

    Post by Dragonbait on Wed May 09, 2012 5:23 pm

    Hey guys first off my spelling and grammer suck! I'm more of an ideas person so if anyone wants to volunteer as my editor I welcome that!

    Lightning strikes a nearby tree splitting it in two. The sounds and ear spliting shrieks of the raging battle between the expedition and the demon army echo through the island. A large fiery branch splits off from the rest and hurls towards the blood soaked earth. It lands on several demonic bodies setting them instantly ablaze. Another shrill scream followed by a loud thud causes Viconnia to open her eyes slowly. Her ears ringing she finds it difficult to focus or hear anything clearly.

    “What is going on here?” she mumbles to herself as she struggles back to her feet.

    Dazidly she stumbles forward almost tripping on the first body in front of her. Annoyed she spares a quick glance at the ground and has a moment’s pain as she recognizes the twisted body of an old friend.

    “Oh Lyra… you were to wed after this expedition.” she says under her breath.

    Viconnia finds herself remembering when Lyra told her about the wedding and how she was to be the maid of honor. With tears in her eyes she spares one last solomn look for her dear friend before struggling on.

    “HELLO” she yells desperately.

    “Is anyone here?” she calls out more frantic.

    Viconnia’s senses slowly return to her. Sound fading in and out several times before bursting into full volume. She staggers with the intensity and swiftness of the returning sound. Relieved to hear clearly she finds herself terrified at the same time, for the winds carried the sounds of slaughter. Screams and mighty roars dominate the air as one by one the yelling and screaming begin to dwindle. Her heart heavy with grief aches for every loud shriek that is cut off unnaturally on the cool wet breeze.

    “Hang on… I’m coming…” she calls weakly into the air.

    "I'm comm... ing..." she says again as the world seems to darken around the edges of her vision.

    Viconnia finds herself on her knees the world fading in and out. Only now does she realize the mortal wound gaping from her right side. A red pool already at her legs splashing with more than just rain drops. With blurry eyes she can see a mighty wing beast ahead of her with a tall blonde warrior holding it at bay. Her eyes close and she starts to fall to the ground.

    “OVER HERE I’VE FOUND ONE!” a loud male voice calls out nearby.

    “Rupert…. noo not Rupert..” calls a softer female voice.

    “Leave him there is nothing we can do for him.” calls the first voice.

    The noises irritate Viconnia’s ringing ears and she finds herself wincing from the pain of it, or at least she would have if she could.

    “I need to move... get away..." she says to herself.

    Just then she feels herself float into the air as if she was flying. She can feel the air flowing through her hair.

    "I must be dead" she finds herself thinking.

    A pain suddenly shoots through her body with such intensity that she screams.
    She feels something tighten around her as she flails about griping her firmly. She was being carried and each step was agonizing.

    “Quickly, to the ships!” a firm male voice shouts as Viconnia slips into unconsciousness.

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    Is the beginning the end? Empty I guess there is life after death

    Post by Dragonbait on Thu May 10, 2012 4:11 pm

    Stirring slightly on a comfortable bed Viconnia finds herself opening her eyes. Surprised by the bright lights she winces in irritation while her eyes adjust to her new surroundings.

    "Ah you’re awake" a gentle voice says as Viconnia tries to move.

    "Take it easy you were severely injured. Although I have tended to your wounds, this degree of healing will leave you weak and hungry for several days at least. You were very lucky to have made it back." says the soft spoken Elf.

    Raising a hand to her head Viconnia lets out a soft moan of pain.
    “I’m starting to wish I did not…” she mutters letting the thought drift away.

    “Where am I anyway? Wait how did I get here? No … who brought me here?” she adds in a blur of haste and confusion.

    “A young Lancer brought you in and insisted that you get the best treatment. He paid a generous sum more than our fee for your treatment. The young man also left you this purse.” The healer points to a large purse filled to bulging with gold coins.

    Dazedly trying to take all this in Viconnia blinks half expecting the purse to disappear.

    “Who was this man and why help me out? What happened to everyone?” Viconnia ponders to herself her memory vague and uncertain.

    “Anyway he was a very handsome man for a human, someone has done well for herself." the nurse adds approvingly.

    Viconnia so surprised by this last statement springs upright in bed, which she soon realizes is a mistake as the world spins and goes black.

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    Is the beginning the end? Empty Re: Is the beginning the end?

    Post by Dragonbait on Wed May 23, 2012 3:38 pm

    Viconnia leaves the healer’s house feeling energized and excited. The two women had grown close over her two week stay there, but alas it was time to move on. Looking around the city she was grateful to be alive as she took in the splendor and beauty of the surroundings.

    “First things first, I need to find Kaisha and Lugard and tell them about poor Lyra..” she says to herself trailing off.

    Struggling with her emotions she tries to keep her composure as she finds herself reliving those final moments on the Island of Dawn. The Dark sky, rain pouring as she looks down horrified at her close friends body twisted unnaturally and covered in blood. She shakes her head to clear it; no she wouldn’t be going down that road now, not yet. Her thoughts drift to her unknown savior. Who was he and why did he do so much for her? Deciding it was more important to find her friends and let them know about Lyra she heads to a stable.

    To be continued once more

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    Is the beginning the end? Empty Re: Is the beginning the end?

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