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    ENCHANTING: How it works! Empty ENCHANTING: How it works!

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    Enchanting And You
    During your adventures in Tera, you will be encountering many items with silver question marks over them. These are unidentified or "Engimatic" items.

    These items need to be identified by identification scrolls, which are purchased at any general goods vendor, in any major city or town. The scrolls are as follows.

    ENCHANTING: How it works! 1330505320269

    ENCHANTING: How it works! 1330505320150

    ENCHANTING: How it works! 1330505320174

    In the beginning, you will only ever need the common, 5,000gold ID scrolls to remove the Engima from any item you come across. More on the rest later!

    Once your item has been identified, you can begin enchanting it. By hitting the [T] key you will open the enchanting window. By simply placing the item you want enchanted into the slot. You are given access to two more slots. To finish enchanting the item, you must provide the melding material Alkahest

    ENCHANTING: How it works! 1330505446554

    - The amount of Alkahest required scales with the level of the item. Along with an item of the same type, and quality.
    - It does not matter if this item itself is identified or not. The quality of the item used in the enchanting process determines the success of the Enchant. When the process begins, the enchant will either Increase (+1), Stay Neutral (+0), Decrease (-1).
    - It is impossible to break an item during this process.
    - As you enchant your items, you will reach 3 major levels. +3 +6 and +9. At each major level you unlock a new stat or enchantment on the weapon. The higher you go, the harder it is to enchant it further. Requiring higher quality gear to continue.

    Sealing and Unsealing
    When you get to the end game, It becomes more and more important to have the perfect weapon. Your dream weapon. When you identify an Enigma, the sealed enchantments unseal themselves randomly. Remember those scrolls above? Using an Enigmatic scroll, you are able to replace the Enigma on an item "sealing" it. Hiding it's enchantments. By identifying it again, the enchantments will return randomly. By repeating this process, it is possible to remove unwanted enchantments, and obtain more preferred enchantments.

    But what about these Intricate Enigmatic Scrolls?

    Time to get to the real end game! If sealing and unsealing a weapon was about created the perfect weapon. Luxing is about creating the weapon of your dreams. When identifying a Legendary item, it is possible to Lux, or "crit" an identification. This unlocks the weapon and allows it to be enchanted from +9, to +12. +12?! That's right. When enchanting a weapon to +12, instead of adding a new enchantment. the weapon while provide you a passive strength bonus. Armor will provide a passive defense bonus. Making them enormously powerful. The only problem, is that Luxing is quite rare in the first place.

    This brings us to our final scroll. The Intricate Identification Scroll . And a second final scroll, The Intricate Enigmatic Scroll available from special Vanarch vendors. When sealing a Legendary weapon with the Intricate Enigmatic Scroll, there is the chance that the silver "?" that normally appears on Enigmatic weapons, will rarely become a gold "?".

    Granting an increased chance for the weapon to successfully Lux! By using the Intricate Identification Scroll, you increase this chance further. By repeating this process, dedicated players will seal, and unseal their weapons on an even higher level, to achieve this Lux. And push their weapon past +9, and up to +12.

    These numbers seem daunting. But what must be understood is that the system is not inherently a RNG system. With enough time, and dedication. Players will be able guaranteed to achieve this Lux, without fear of destroying the weapon they've worked to achieve.

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