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    Baeshra IKDVT
    Name: Baeshra (BAY-shrah)
    Surname: Long since lost or discarded
    Race: Castanic
    Class: Archer
    Gender: Female

    Age: 22
    Height: 4'10", sans horns
    Body Type: Slender, gymnastic
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Skin Color: Cappuccino
    Hair Color and Style: White, short and carelessly styled

    Persona: Baeshra is a fiercely independent woman, though ultimately loyal to the Company. She acts as a bodyguard, enforcer, and black-market operative.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Family Background/Lineage: Mundane, poverty level

    Religion: Anti-theist

    Temperament: Self-assured and generally level, but can be pushed to the edge of notorious temper. Hell hath no fury like a Castanic spurned.
    Method of Handling Anger or Rage: If intimidation doesn't work, then it's time to ruin somebody's day.

    Distinguishing Features:
    1. Distinctive dark markings around the eyes - could be tattooed, birthmarks, cosmetic, but always present.
    2. Prominent black horns streaked with red - not noteworthy to other Castanics, but other races might take note.
    3. Contrast of rich, coffee-colored skin and stark white hair.

    Skills, Abilities, and Talents:
    1. Flexibility to the point of contortion.
    2. Speed and dexterity.
    3. Self-sufficiency.
    4. The art of not being seen.

    Admirable Traits:
    1. Independent
    2. Focused

    Negative Traits:
    1. Often insensitive to others

    1. Wears some pretty eccentric make-up - white lip color, extravagant brows, and dramatic dark makings around the eyes. She makes it work.

    Bad Habits/Vices:
    1. While not inherently avaricious, Baeshra is never content living within her means. A result of growing up in poverty.
    2. (Cock)teasing the menfolk.

    Prejudices: Elin are ridiculous. So are Popori.

    Pet Peeves and Annoyances:
    1. People who can't stand getting a little healthy dirt on 'em.
    2. Shoes without ankle support.
    3. Regulations.

    Political or Social Issues Most Important To Character:
    1. Staying just out of reach of the long arm of the Federation.
    2. Seeing that the Federation does not become a new world empire.
    3. The rising fanaticism for questionable gods.

    Hobbies and Interests:
    1. Heights. She likes climbing things. Weirdo.
    2. Dancing.
    3. Kickboxing.

    Sexuality: The lady is a vamp, she's a vixen, not a tramp, she's a da-da da-da-da da-daaaaa.

    Speaking Style: Easy, forward, often teasing. She has no particular cant or dialect.

    Philosophy of Life: Live fast, live hard, and live on your own terms.

    Weapon of choice: While adept with a bow, Baeshra is equally proficient with a pair of light blades, and keeps a knife or two on her person at all times. Also, kicking people in the face. Baeshra could kick the red off a barn.
    Armor of choice: Leathers worn like a second skin, dark and dramatic in style. Heeled boots, for the face-kicking.
    Attire of choice: See above.

    Close Friends: Arawn, Verael

    Background / History:
    Baeshra's life seems to begin in Cutthroat Harbor, though this only accounts for her pre-teens; what came before, she remains tight-lipped about. In Cutthroat she found and kept the company of the twins Tyri'da, Arawn and Verael - Castanic brothers who also had to grow up much too fast. To this day, there is an easy, playful familiarity between the three. "We had a lot of firsts," the woman might say with a bittersweet smile, "and a lot of lasts."

    At 16, Baeshra left Cutthroat with a mercenary company (to whom she claimed to be 18), never to be seen again - though infrequent letters would find the brothers to assure of her continued existence. Mercenary work remained her usual trade for years - though some companies she fell into had reputations for doing a little business on the side - business of dubious legality.

    The formation of the Valkyon Federation never did sit comfortably with her. She objects to its omnipresence and unquestioned control, given up so easily in times of war - and so she strives to remain just out of its long reach, an increasingly difficult thing to do. As more and more independent companies found themselves contracted by the Federation, Baeshra's options steadily dwindled.

    Then came a letter from Arawn, one that spoke of a turn of fortune that placed the deed to a shipping and trade company into his hands, and invited Baeshra to return to Cutthroat. There he spoke of his dreams, his plans, his schemes, all with that grin that spoke of motives ulterior to his words.

    And so Baeshra committed herself to the success of her friend and the newly-christened Onyx Rose Company. Few are so loyal, not just to Arawn but to the company itself. To Baeshra, the Onyx Rose is freedom.

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    Finally updated. Baeshra is Mal and the Onyx Rose is her Serenity. Very Happy

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