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    Practice makes bruises


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    Practice makes bruises Empty Practice makes bruises

    Post by Verael on Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:59 pm


    The hard, wooden training sword caught the young Castanic in his chest, forcing the air from his lungs, and bringing him to his knees. Above him, stood a human man, looking to be in his late thirties.

    "Up," Jormag motioned with the training blade in an upward motion, "to your feet, and I will explain -why- you got hit."

    Verael turned to gaze at his instructor, eyes full of tears as he fought to get his breathing under control. He slowly rose from his doubled over position, grasping for his wooden lance. He shakily made it to his feet, fingers white knuckling the grip on his lance, as his breath started to return. "Y-you... you didn't say- say... that you were going to come at me like that!"

    Jormag swung without warning, but this time Verael was ready, placing his shield between himself and the weapon.

    "That's better! You were hit because you let it happen."

    Crack! Another impact of wood on wood. And another. The human moving fast, and hard against the young teen. Jormag's attacks were fluid, and skilled. Nothing was held back as he assailed Verael, who worked to keep his shield between that nasty blade, and tried to find openings with which to lunge and strike with his lance.

    It went on for what seemed like hours. Verael's lungs and muscles burned with the exertion, the shield and lance felt as heavy as boulders, and he could hardly stand. Jormag came up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

    "Good work today, lad. We'll get you a proper meal. Then rest."

    Verael mustered a weak smile as the two head back toward town.

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