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    Reputation Guides

    Post by Voriel on Thu May 31, 2012 7:20 am

    Reputation Group: City (Area)

    Hyderad: Bastion (Veritas District)
    Silvervine Branch: Friendly+ 1500 credits
    Vale Starling Egg: Revered+ 1300 credits
    Perfectly Spherical Fruit: Revered+ 150 gold
    Endurance (4) and Max MP (176) crystals
    Ring: Raises max MP by 153 and increases healing done by 5%.

    Invalesco: Pathfinder Post (Val Tirkai)
    Tirkai Grizzly Steak: Friendly+ 1500 credits
    Cyasma-Infused Leather: Revered+ 1300 credits
    Stiff Cowhide: Revered+ 150 gold
    Power (3) and Critical Resist (5) crystals
    Earring: Raises max HP by 3810

    Valsekyr Hunt: Kanstria (Val Kaeli)
    Cowl Harness: Friendly+ 3500 credits
    Innerlid Leather: Revered+ 3000 credits
    Soft Fey Hair: Revered+ 150 gold
    Balance (3) and HP (2404) crystals
    Ring: Raises max MP by 153 and collects 1.5% addition aggro on target hit.

    Shariar: Zulfikar Fortress (Helkan District)
    Supple Noruk Leather: Friendly+ 1500 credits
    Leadership Plume: Revered+ 1300 credits
    Downy Struthio Feather: Revered+ 150 gold
    Impact (2) and Critical Chance (2) crystals
    Ring: Raises max MP by 153 and inflicts an addition 1.5% damage on target hit.

    Velika: Velika (Velika)
    Morpheutic Draught: Friendly+ 1500 credits
    Chebikan Cotton: Revered+ 1300 credits
    Popri Moppet: Revered+ 150 gold
    Attack speed (1%) crystals

    Nexus: Zulfikar Fortress (Helkan District)
    Elderitch Leather: Revered+ 3500 credits
    Fire-Kissed Ruby: Revered + 3150 credits
    Inflict more damage to players (2%) and reduces damage from players (4%) crystals
    Nexus also has Tier 12 (Favorable) and Tier 13 (Friendly for , Revered for gold) armor and weapons sets.

    Note: All earrings and rings from the reputation merchants are item level 147, have one crystal slot, and two unidentified effects.

    Suspicious (3,000) > Wavering (9,000) > Neutral (12,000) > Favorable (15,000) > Friendly (20,000) > Trusted (25,000) > Revered (Max)

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