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    Post by Alektos on Wed May 30, 2012 11:36 am

    In the back allies of Castanica somewhere near Pleasure Street was little tavern often frequented by rich tourists looking to experience the darker side of the city. Noise spilled out of the tavern, the chatter of the patrons within and the cheerful yet slightly off key sound of some song being played on the piano filled the ally. Sitting in the lap of her latest catch at a table near the back was Alektos. A smile on her lips as she pretended to listen to the man while calculating how much of his money she could talk him out of. The lure of extra coin to spend as always an impossible one for her to resist. Visions of the treats she could buy to tempt the elf with distracting her from the man who’s lap she sat in.

    The dimly lit room filled with a ruby glow from the streets outside for a moment as the tavern door opened though few paid any attention to the stranger who walked in. She spared him a quick glance assessing his value before turning her attention back to the man sitting under her. Alek gave him a knowing smile and moved the hand that had been stroking his arm to his chest and began drawing circles with her nails. Glancing at him from hooded lashes she opened her mouth to invite him to her room when she was interrupted by someone clearing their throat behind her.

    Slightly annoyed at the interruption Alektos turned to see who had dared interrupt her business only to find it was the Castanic who had entered moments before. She eyed the man from head to toe and back taking in his rough appearance pausing for a moment on the three scars running from temple to chin on the left side of his face. He was wearing dusty leathers that looked like they had seen better days and was carrying saddle bags over his shoulder.

    Raising a perfect eyebrow, Alek looked him and the eye and gave a curt “What?” The mans eyes narrowed slightly but he made no comment on her tone choosing instead to simply ask “You Alektos Bastalia?”

    Cautious now she reached for her axe leaning against the wall beside her and the man she had forgotten she was sitting on before nodding. “Who’s asking?” The stranger reached into his bags searching for something. “My name is not important. I was asked to deliver a letter to you and that is all I am here for.” Finally after a moment of digging around without taking his eyes off Alektos and her axe he withdrew a folded piece of paper that had seen better days and tossed it on the table before her. Having finished what he had come for the castanic turned and walked away.

    Alek watched the man leave before sliding from the other mans lap and picking up the letter. Slowly unfolding it she smoothed out some of the wrinkles before tilting it toward the light to read. Her eyes darted across the sheet of paper reading the scribbled note on it. Suddenly they stopped, widening then backtracking as her posture went stiff. Fingers tightening on the paper they began to shake a bit causing small tears in strained edges. A hope that she had not felt in years beating in her chest she slowly read the letter again.


    I hope this message finds you swiftly and well. I have heard news that you may find of interest while working in Val Aureum. Rumors have been circulating of a small group of slaves escaping from the Tenebrous Mines after some 8 years in captivity. Among the slaves is rumored to be a castanic who matches the description you once gave me of your brother. It may turn out to be nothing however I thought It worth looking in to.

    On another note watch your back. Some of the younger recruits are out for blood after what you did to one of their own.

    Good luck,

    Eight long lonely years she had searched for her brother Takis. The only family she had left and he had gone missing along with the rest of his mercenary company while on some mission out in Westonia. Many believed that they had been captured and eaten by the Gula but Alektos had always believed that Takis was still out there somewhere waiting for her to find him. It is why she had decided to start following around that mercenary company so many years ago. To travel the world and search for news of her brother yet none had come until now. Even if it was a lost hope she had to try and find this group of slaves to see if one was indeed her brother or if the rumor was just a false hope to torment her.

    Her companion long forgotten Alek gently folded the note and stashed it away for safe keeping. Grabbing her axe she headed for the door ignoring the stuttered protests of the man. She had people to speak with and much to do before she could leave for Chebika. Perhaps her elf could be of some assistance, elves were from the desert were they not?

    Good company, great sex, and now possible news of her brother? The Onyx Rose Company may be the best thing that had happened in a long time she thought. With a rare true smile on her face and a bounce in her step Alek made her way to the Pegasus and Cutthroat Harbor.

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    Post by Alektos on Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:56 am

    Sand swirled thick in the air from the powerful gusts of wind created by the wings of the Pegasus as it descended landing softly on the platform below. Glad to be once again on the ground Alektos sighed. She would never admit it but flying made her nervous. If she was meant to fly she would have been given wings to soar on.

    Grabbing her bags she headed for The Craven, eyes scanning the docks as she passed by for any familiar faces but searching for two in particular. As she drew closer to the tavern she spotted the familiar curves of Voriel sitting at a table outside the local fish fry. Smirking she sauntered up behind the elf leaned down and wrapped her arms around her. Hands wandering Alek pressed closer and said “There’s my favorite boobs. I missed my babies.” Giving them one last squeeze Alek straightened up and pulled out a chair next to Voriel.

    Reaching into her armor, Alektos pulled out the letter she had received from Dario. Playing with the edges of the paper, she looked up at the elf the smirk slowly fading she gave the mystic a solemn look. “I was looking for you and Arawn as well.” Looking back down at the note she continued. "An old friend of mine sent word of an escaped slave matching my brothers description. He was seen out in the deserts near Chebika. I am headed out there to see what information I can find as soon as I take care of a few things here.”

    Alektos leaned closer reaching for a morsel of food from the mystics plate “ Do you know much of the deserts out there? Or the people living in them? Perhaps you would even care to join me when I leave for Chebika.”

    Carefully Voriel set the fish she nibbled upon her plate, swiftly smacking the berserker's hand before handing her a piece of untouched fish. "Manners. Word of your brother, and the sands near Chebika. Those are far more rocky than Tulufan, but teeming with the orcan and their slavers." What more she wanted to say remained tight behind her teeth. If said the castanic could very well become a whirlwind of destruction. So with care, she raised her brows after a pause and ensuring the woman ate the fish.

    "I will go with you, Alektos. You would only become lost, sunburnt, and perhaps in chains yourself." Flashing a smile, the mystic leaned forward to keep her words quietly between them. "And what kind of friend would that make me. Arawn should be in his office, finishing those contracts between the Popori fur traders. Why...they sought him...I will never know."

    “Popori fur traders? One would think that a bit of an odd profession for such furry creatures.” Alektos said grinning once again. “Would you like to join me when I go to speak with him about our little adventure? Maybe he even has some work out that way to be done to fund our trip. And cover why we are really there.” Rising from her seat Alektos waits for her reply.

    With a deep sigh, she wrapped up the few remaining pieces of her meal in a napkin, giving herself a little big of wiggle. Thankfully she had not made too much of a mess before being Castanic groped. "There is another company in the area he had hoped to speak with of the Desert Rose. A bit of business, and perhaps, a bit of pleasure." Voriel motioned to follow the spry woman.

    Alektos eyed the napkin containing the bits of fish longingly for a moment before turning and heading once again for The Craven.

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