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    Post by Dragonbait on Mon May 28, 2012 4:17 pm

    Name: Avariel Rae'ilis Sharn (A-Var-ee-l) (Ray-ill-iss)
    Age: 19
    Class: Priest
    Skill Interests: Tailoring and cooking! Ha no no Alchemy and Tailoring.
    Hair Colour: Pale Pink
    Skin Tone: Soft white
    Looks: Quite attractive with unblemished skin. (A sign of no hardships from life)

    Close Friends: Saphirre and Jadhera

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Quirks: Extremely appreciative for life in any form. Has a general distrust towards men from her up bringing. Eager yet ignorant of the world.

    Mission: Wants to do her part to help all those in need and by doing so unknowingly follows in her mothers footsteps.

    Personality: Naive, Kind, Helpful and Gentle. Very happy in general and would risk anything to help someone.

    Background: Daughter of a rich lord with seemingly endless funds to call upon. She however tries to avoid doing so as she views it as blood money. Unknown to her, her mother was a High Priestess who was drugged and raped. After learning the priestess was pregnant. Avariel’s father had his men sneak in and steal her away. Avariel does not know her mother lives or who she is.

    History: She is untrusting towards men and generally favors the company of women. This distrust has developed due to her father’s influence. K'Vorcha Sharn, her father, is a well know Arms dealer who also runs a Black Market for illegal or stolen merchandise. He has set up a reputable chain of healing houses as a front for his shady dealings. He claimed the healing homes and apothecaries were his sincere effort to make things right with his daughter after she caught him about to execute someone for missing a payment. This deceit worked for a time until she found her father’s men extorting and beating the locals in the village so badly that they had to "pay" for healing at one of his healers, thus ensuring he got their money. One day on her way home she discovered someone her father’s men had left barely alive. He had collapsed on his way to the healers and everyone ignored the man as if carried a plague. Feeling pity for the man she leaned down to help, but to her surprise a magic glow emanated from her into the man regenerating his bone and flesh before her eyes. The grateful man and his family came by several times a day to thank her. Realizing she had a gift for healing she enrolled for proper training at the local Abby. While there she learnt that not all people are like her father and grew not only in purity but with curiosity for the things she had been so long denied. The general kindness of the women around her drew her in and shaped her life. She made exceptional friends with two women Jadhera and Saphirre. As time grew on so did her trust and belief that women were not “ruffians” like the men she had known in what seemed like a past life. Soon after Avariel , Jadhera, and Saphirre would become pillow friends.
    After she finished her training Avariel set off on her own against her friends wishes to see the world and help as many people as she could along the way. She swore they would be reunited soon enough and that it was something she had to do to right as many wrongs that her father has caused. This eventually brought her to Cut Throat Harbor where she met Voriel, Arwen, Vareal, and an unknown soldier who watched from the distance. After some manipulation and blundering she reluctantly decided to join the guild for protection and to help as many people as she could.

    more to come

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