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    Keagon Empty Keagon

    Post by Keagon on Sat May 26, 2012 2:48 pm

    This is just how he's developing so far.

    Name: Keagon (last name only known by few)
    Nicknames: Scurge
    Class: Lancer
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Current Age: Looks to be in his early 30's

    Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change:
    1. Blind in left eye, keeps it covered with an eye patch.

    Characteristic Gestures:
    1. Chews a tooth pick while planning.

    Family Background/Lineage: Never knew mother, was sold into the slave trade with his father.

    Special Occupational Training: Can navigate the waters with easy. Prides himself in losing persuer's in storms.

    Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Saling, pillaging, plundering and will slam metal with a blacksmith's hammer from time to time.

    Areas of Expertise: See above

    Military Experience: Does eluding them count?

    Short-Term Goals: Nothing has caught his fancy yet.

    Long-Term Goals: Become a legend of the seas....and avoid imprisonment and/or death.

    Short-Term Needs: A strong drink and excitement.

    Long-Term Needs:

    Personality: Depends on time of day and how many drinks.

    Quirks: (Will develop with rp, more fun that way)

    Temperament: Again, depends on time of day and how many drinks.

    Admirable Traits: (Still under development)

    Negative Traits: Temper

    Bad Habits/Vices: Does love a good tavern brawl.

    Pet Peeves and Gripes:

    Most Painful Things in One's Life:

    Ever Been Arrested? Piracy, exstortion, kiddnapping, and once for murder.

    Political or Social Issues Most Important To Character: Doesn't involve himself in politics.


    Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex: Fine legs in a nice pair of boots.

    Favorite Pet Sayings, Words, Idiolect: Murder? Mayhem? I'm your man.

    Background/History: (Have to rp to find out hehe)

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