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    Shessair, Leareth (Voriel Alts) Empty Shessair, Leareth (Voriel Alts)

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    Shessair, Leareth (Voriel Alts) Shess-1

    Full Name: Shessair
    Nicknames: Shess
    Previous alias/title: Constable in Castanica for years and years

    Class: Warrior

    Race: Castanic
    Gender: Female
    Current Age: late 20s
    Hair: black
    Skin: pale
    Eyes: silver
    Height: 5'1"
    Build: muscled and wiry

    Place of Residence: Cutthroat
    Place of Birth: Castanica

    Relatives: random siblings, none close, but close enough
    Enemies: Too many to count, angry for her lawdog past
    Allies: Too few to count

    Occupation: Retired Constable, Gambler now
    Tradeskill: The Law

    Appearance: During her days as a constable, Shess took extreme care with her appearance. She kept her hair longer, bleached out with little to no makeup. She worked hard and focused on wearing all dark colors to never show blood or gore. Now that she's retired, she's let her hair grow out to natural black, wears a bit of makeup though it's smudged often from long hours gambling and drinking. Her gear tends to be relaxed, though at times colorful. She's finding herself after all that work.

    Fashion of Choice: Plain leathers, thin shirts tied up around her midsection, chill.
    Armor of Choice: Leathers, thick and layered with enough breathing room.
    Weapons of Choice: Long swords with curled hilts to catch and twist free opponent weapons.

    Special Abilities: After years of work, pretty good poker face, putting on appearances. Also very good card player and gambler.

    History/Biography: Shessair is the daughter of a family of minor criminals. They tended to be bookies offering gambling and bets on pit fights of men, beasts, you name it. They tend to live a vagabound lifestyle, traveling and living where they could flop. They always wondered what the heck went so wrong when Shess joined the guard of Castanica. She often got her family out of trouble with the position, but often she was taking them in. During her later years as a guard, she did take some gifts from some businesses, a few bribes, and finally decided her days in the law were numbered.

    She has recently arrived in Cutthroat harbor with a chest of gold and a few decks of professional cards.

    Personality: Slow to anger, Shess always seems drunk or half asleep. She tends to a rather laid back view of the world behind those pale eyes. But every moment, she is gauging reactions and waiting for something to happen. And when it does, she snaps. One moment, relaxed and uncaring. The next, a pitbull at your throat.
    Alignment: lawful neutral

    Motivations: The law is always at the back of her mind, gnawing away as a form of morality. This is the first time she has sought something for herself, not the betterment of others. But she knows eventually she'll end up serving again.

    Disposition: She's quiet until pushed.




    Positive Personality Traits: She has a conscience, despite everything she's seen. Law has an important place with her, though sometimes not as much as it should. The few friends she makes will have her at their back, even when they least expect it.
    Negative Personality Traits: Snaps when pushed too far.
    Misc. Quirks:

    Guild Rank:

    Likes: Gambling,
    Dislikes: Twits
    Favorite Foods: Sushi
    Favorite Drinks: Mulled wine
    Favorite Colors: Darker, richer colors.

    Hobbies: Cards of all kinds

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    Shessair, Leareth (Voriel Alts) Empty Re: Shessair, Leareth (Voriel Alts)

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    Shessair, Leareth (Voriel Alts) Lear

    Full Name: Leareth Silverwood
    Nicknames: Lear
    Previous alias/title: Hostler, bookkeeper, scribe

    Class: Archer

    Race: High Elf
    Gender: Female
    Current Age: mid 40s
    Hair: vibrant red
    Skin: tanned
    Eyes: hazel
    Height: 6'1"
    Build: muscled and tall

    Place of Residence: Cresentia
    Place of Birth: Tralion

    Theme: Scholarly Forester

    Relatives: father in Tralion

    Occupation: Hostler, upkeeps horses and works caravans, forester. She once worked as a fine scribe and bookkeeper, learned at her father's hand. Rarely does she employ this profession.
    Tradeskill: Tracker, Hostler, Leatherworker

    Appearance: Leareth tries to upkeep and stay clean, but her armors are often worn, edges of shirts tattered. She mends her own clothing and gear, etching to hide the age and wear. Her hair is kept long, often tangling from travel. Dirt tends to get under her nails, scuffed and rubbed on her cheeks and hands, from long hours in the forests or working. She keeps her fingers taped or wrapped with leather, long gloves for warmth of muscles.

    Fashion of Choice: Plain clothing, soft and flowing, though she rarely enjoys such.
    Armor of Choice: Worn and etched leathers.
    Weapons of Choice: A recurve bow, many stringed for differing shots.

    Special Abilities: She is known as a horse whisperer, able to take care of a mount and ease more miles from them than most. She's a smart shot, and able guard for caravans. She knows a great deal about the wild to hide tracks, hunt dinner, and battle weather. Despite the wildness, she knows many tales, keeps fine maps, and documents her travels.

    History/Biography: So very little is truly known about Lear. And what is learned seems rather plain to the point of boring.

    She was born to a mild-mannered scholar who works to upkeep records and missives between the cities and villages of Essenia. He is a scribe and bookkeeper who left the capital for unspoken reasons. Her mother passed from fevers and illnesses from Blightwood, a mushroom farmer who sold her fines to cooks and alchemists. The loss of her mother shattered the seeming happiness of the home, driving Lear and her father into few words.

    The moment she could take up an apprenticeship, she followed a tracker hunter and never left the countryside. At times she visits home, but tends to travel farther and farther away. Every land she has seen remains tight behind her lips.

    For many years, she seemed to disappear from records. Where she traveled, who she worked with is not recorded anywhere.

    Then with a sudden return to cities, the archer joined the company. As a few of them traveled through Velika, she signed up with them to help care of horses and protect a series of caravans. They seemed en route to the Titan's land for wool, a seemingly easy bit of work for coin.

    She works hard, never questioning the company's practices. She will never learn the deeper secrets of the guild, but will always work hard to ensure the safety of their horses and travel.

    Personality: Lear seems to be a complete mute. Any words are extremely few, though she often seems to have something to say. At times her eyes blaze, as bright as her hair, but nothing explodes or catches fire.
    Alignment: neutral good

    Motivations: The archer is alone. But she desperately does not want to be. Yet somehow making close friends and opening into conversations leads to not a word leaving her mouth. She wants to broaden her horizons, but it takes time.

    Disposition: Quiet, reserved, yet always polite.

    Outlook: generally positive

    They spoke no words,
    The visitor the host,
    And the white chrysanthemum.

    Sexuality: hetero

    Positive Personality Traits: Efficient and punctual, always willing to enter the wilds and take up dangerous tasks. She sees through every task she takes.
    Negative Personality Traits: The woman is far too quiet. She can be a bit too dirty, constantly traveling.
    Misc. Quirks: She gets along with horses amazingly. She seems a mute, so little does she talk.

    Guild: Onyx Rose
    Guild Rank: Plain ol' mercenary (never higher)

    Likes: Traveling, writing
    Dislikes: Deserts and cities
    Favorite Foods: Wild game, roasted potatoes
    Favorite Drinks: Tea
    Favorite Colors: Browns and cremes

    Hobbies: Working leather, writing, training horses

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