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    Post by Voriel on Tue May 22, 2012 12:50 am

    Atonis - We have looked over your info, and love it! The character fits the Mysterium so well, and has limitless opportunities for fun. If you are wishing to remain unguilded, I definitely could see us all having contracts with you. For...specialists...to help with your work.

    If you wanted to join the guild, we could roleplay the story out as a mutual contract. You have been given a device for communication (guild chat) and have a long-term contract for requisitioning aid. Or could become a liason for Mysterium work/contracts/etc.

    Every member is allowed to carry on personal contracts and work, of course. So it would not entirely interfere with your own brand of experimentation.

    Onyx Rose has two faces. The open face of typical business, caravans, import, export, protection. This is the bulk of business, and few have rped beyond that.

    The other face is black market, and darker acts that tend to dip hands into blood and many coffers. Very few are delving into this, and it is a secret of sorts. We're hoping to expand far more into this. Not mindless bloodshed, but a mix of intrigue and mob story.

    If you want to keep chatting, feel free to reply here! We're definitely interested. ~ Voriel and others!

    Just reposting your info here so we have a full thread to discuss character and opportunity.

    I've never been much of a 'guild' person, as I usually Roleplay spontaneously with people I meet in game, but after seeing your guild listing I thought you sounded interesting. The character I am currently developing probably wouldn't have any interest in joining the guild, but he may benefit from their services. As a researcher for the Mysterium, he often employs other mercenaries to help him carry out his experiments. He believes no cost is too great in the service of discovery, which often imperils many of his assistants. Perfect work for the Onyx Rose!

    Character Name: Atonis
    Race: High Elf
    Class: Sorcerer

    Roleplay interest/level: Extremely Hardcore(This is actually my second character. My first was a human priest named Eckhart that I got to level 31. I cooked up a backstory with him and everything, building lots of ongoing IC relationships with other PCs he met along the road. But when one of my characters dies with no ressurect, HE DIES! And so ended the tale of Eckhart. That's what I mean by extremely hardcore. I wont join a party unless they're all IC. OOC is what real life is for. Plus it spares other people my real life narcissism.)

    PVP interest: High, so long as there is a realistic context to it. I'm not a big fan of tournaments, and neither is Atonis, but I am a big fan of conflicting interests and controversial decisions, all of which can bring the most satisfying of physical confrontations.

    PVE interest: Though I essentially bought this game to roleplay, I still want to actually play the game. I tend to bend the game's story to further justify my character's involvement in Federation affairs.

    Plans for your character:
    Atonis is a young High Elf who claims to be a researcher for the mysterium. He can often be found on dawn, with recruits running all over the island to complete his experiments in exchange for a little extra coin. Some of his assistants have been seriously injured in the process (and one even died [for real, he was a lvl 5 Human Priest]), which has lead him to find more professional help. This could forge a perfect partnership with the Onyx Rose company, who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty for the right price.

    Like I said, he wouldn't realistically join the company, but you seem like an intelligent bunch, and I love me a good story, so maybe we can set something up.

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    Post by Atonis on Tue May 22, 2012 2:09 pm

    Thanks for the repost Voriel

    I could see Atonis becoming something of a research/arcane consultant for the Onyx Rose in time, perhaps once he's high enough in level to visit cutthroat harbor. For now, however, I'd prefer to think of him more as a 'client'.

    Currently he's in Crescentia looking for the next big discovery. Unofficially, he's there hunting for mysterium intelligence that was stolen by the Devas and Scions of Lok. Not only is this information dangerous in the wrong hands, but if the federation got wind of it, it could implicate the Mysterium as a co-conspirator. Being the one to recover the documents would have a great effect on Atonis' credibility within the mysterium, but he can't do it alone. The matter needs the assistance, and discretion, of the Onyx Rose company.

    As far as Research projects go, Atonis recently finished a report on the indigenous wildlife on dawn. He's hoping to get it published in the Annals of Arcanism, but another, more reputable researcher is also releasing a similar study. Atonis would never wish any harm on the human, but he would wish for an inconsistency or two in his data. This could lead to a number of missions on dawn tampering with the wildlife. More on that later.

    And lastly, Atonis' main concern at all times is getting his research published. It's the only way for him to stay afloat. He will go wherever there are discoveries to be made (or exaggerated). He also met a Human Noble on Dawn about whom he feels emotionally conflicted, and may, in a moment of uncharacteristic compassion, anonymously hire personnel to 'befriend' her in the interest of keeping her safe.

    EDIT: Oh, and his family has a racist distrust of Castanics. They're actually pretty xenophobic in general, but especially Castanics given their relation to the Devas. Atonis is somewhat 'agnostic' towards his parents' beliefs; he is generally opinionless on the matter, but if forced to pick sides he will lean towards the way he was raised.

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    Post by Voriel on Fri May 25, 2012 6:46 pm

    Alektos is watching for you, Atonis! Smile My hours are so insane, it's hard to find me just yet. (evil third shift with overtime due to d3 ><)

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