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    Arrival - New Faces.


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    Arrival - New Faces. Empty Arrival - New Faces.

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    Arrival - New Faces. Tera_s16

    Devan had received a very kind reply from Ms. Rathera, directing him to proceed with haste to Cutthroat Harbor. Though this was simply not the sort of place he normally worked at, he did need more challenging work for his skills. He had much to do here, and only so much time!

    The elegant Elven mystic stepped delicately through the entrance of the Craven. His brown coat was not elaborate or flashy, just neatly tailored and embroidered along the hems. Likewise, the rest of his appearance was very neat but nothing remarkable.

    His expression was carefully pleasant and cheerful as he quietly asked the grizzled Amani bartender where he could find Arawn. Any disdain for the drunkards and persons of negotiable virtue within this tavern was unseen - instead, the young man walked gracefully through the main room to the passageway Shuba had directed him.

    Pausing just long enough at the door marked for Onyx Rose Company to shake off any final trail dust, Devan composed himself and knocked lightly.

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