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    The Meet - Iridium Shield


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    The Meet - Iridium Shield Empty The Meet - Iridium Shield

    Post by Voriel on Sat May 19, 2012 3:46 pm

    Arawn and I were called to a quiet area of Velika near Strategic Command to meet the Iridium Shield. Prior to the meeting, we spent a goodly amount of time reviewing what we knew of their company, the history of contracts based on conversations with other businessmen. Grounded in information and ready to discuss opportunties, we met with a pair of Amani.

    "It is an honor to make your acquaintance, I am Tribune Koalbalt Tarvyr - this is Legate Edoz, Leader of our Crew. I asked you all to come here, on behalf of my Lefate to Possibly set up an arrangement and Alliance between our crews." The two were Amani, lancers from the look.

    They traded a few simple words, then began the usual waving of egos. Or rather staking claim as it were. They believe we a caravan company. And they taking contracts all the same. This Edoz making a few choice remarks of a facade of a caravan company, Arawn rising with a grin and reply of a lack of proper information.

    It seemed though that this Tribune Koalbalt had a far better take upon things. Of the two, the level-headed thinker. Perhaps the one to be far more wary of than the Legate.

    Edoz though had a far more specific thought in mind of the Rose. "As for gain is rather simply we offer our obvious service, for your capabilities for your caravan and trade company." He continued with poorly gathered information, which lead to his looking uninformed and foolish. Of which he turned and twisted calling Arawn a fool. Not wise.

    I do wish I could have spoken aside with Koalbalt after his offer. Of the two, he seemed the calmer thinker, not given to rise to words. "Perhaps we can make negotiations as follows, as I would prefer to have allies instead of enemies or opposition. The world if rough enough as it is and to make it harder on ourselves would prove counter productive." He paused before continuing. "How about we offer your company our surplus of jobs. For example, we have too many jobs to handle and we pass some on to your crew to take care of. You offer us the same courtesy, when your crew has too much to handle - simply slide some of your jobs over to our side?"

    Arawn had given them a considering look. "Hmm, this is something I would need to think on as I do spend a great amount of time going over contracts presented to us."

    Yet, there was such an opportunity, to know exactly what the other hand would be doing, and secure Ostgarath completely within our hands. Edoz may see clearly the intent. Arawn is quite the thinker, but having them assume he is far more the hotter of the two of us may have allowed for that old adage, good cop versus bad cop.

    Alas, it seems they did not particularly enjoy the thought of territorial markers. I felt perhaps I should pull Koalbalt aside, but this stalking the bone needed to happen now if not later.

    But then it went awry. Edoz continued to call Arawn a fool, weak minded, with assumptions of our company. Never once did he simply accept he was ill-informed and chose to continue that aggression. These assumptions I did not mind, they would aid to hide our intent.

    But at some point...it seemed the Amani took great offense. Arawn spoke lightly of his attitude when seeking business with a Castanic might not be wisely conducted calling them such. He meant in that very moment. He was dealing with a Castanic company, and frankly, doing a rather poor job of it.

    Others, such as Verael and Alektos would have tried gutting the man. Arawn kept his composure. As we left, they spoke of his simple-mindedness and termed him racist. Oddly enough, the comments could easily have been turned upon them.

    Arawn is an ass, frankly. But he sought to remind them of business deals and the manner in which they sought them so rudely to begin with. They belittled our work, and spoke of ill of him. I was quite impressed how readily he kept his composure. The amani alas did not.

    I can only imagine the quality of their completed contracts. If this Legate aided in them, they must be rather...sad or dealt with a most despicable way.

    I would have sought to speak with the Tribune. But his parting words ended any such conversations for the future resorting to some retort at Arawn's back, never once to his face.

    One thing is most clear, Edoz did not know how to speak rightly to a Castanic business man. At least, not this day.

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    The Meet - Iridium Shield Empty Re: The Meet - Iridium Shield

    Post by Voriel on Sun May 20, 2012 11:03 am

    ((A full transcript of the conversation handled ICly is available. At this time, it is in an area for officers to review. If anyone from the Iridium Shield asks ICly, we are not allying with them. Any further comment, they can chat with an officer. Or feel free to rp as you like with them. *grins* If they attack or horn in, feel free to rply let us know. This is an entirely IC situation. Thanks! Smile ))

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