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    Tea for Two?


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    Tea for Two? Empty Tea for Two?

    Post by Voriel on Fri May 18, 2012 6:48 am

    A terrible calamity, Voriel sighed over a spilling pile of letters from home. So many from her mother. And an equal amount from uncles she loved more than ...not diamonds, but perhaps rubies. She could already feel the stern words and waspish ideals of her mother just feeling the wight of parchment. And the uncles? They would send her tokens perhaps, thoughts on where to go. Perhaps even hints of places for a fine night abroad.

    For now, she needed to write first. Taking up a quill, she began the exacting care of writing a quick note for Malani to leave with Shuba. Hopefully the sorceress would be available to discuss a few things. Just the other morn she watched Arawn pen letters to informants ...on plain paper. Plain ink. Nothing to protect his words. Somehow she would change this.

    Dearest Malani,

    I have a craving for fine pastries and a setting of tea. Normally I take this alone or with a few in Velika that I have befriended. But I hoped you would instead be willing to indulge here in Cutthroat Harbor. Finding a bit of civilization here would be most welcome.


    Setting it aside for delivery, she continued on with opening seals of her uncles correspondences smiling all the same.

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