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    Name: Voriel Phaelis
    Nicknames: Vori
    Race: High Elf
    Class: Mystic
    Gender: Female
    Current Age: early years, 25ish (elves get to 100 in this game)

    Theme: A young woman caught between the life of a gold digger and a scholar.

    Alignment: Neutral Good, she has ambitions, and hopes for the best for all. But her sentiment to law and order is as needed. She won't fight against rules, but won't embrace them entirely either.

    Distinguishing Features:
    1. Blue symbol on her forehead to signify her dedication to a sound body and mind.
    2. Oddly pale and without tan lines for growing up in a desert.
    3. She does not look very much like her mother.

    Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change:
    1. She could really use some glasses.
    2. One of her ears twitches when she smiles, drives her batty.

    Religion: nothing so direct
    Family Background/Lineage: Medium, mother is a librarian/scholar, father unknown. Conceived during an orgy...she will NEVER know this.
    Special Occupational Training: Mystic training in the way of harnessing magical essences and weaving them into a force for healing and combat. Schooling in architecture that was cut short.

    Skills, Abilities, and Talents:
    1. She can identify rocks, and collects them. It's a hobby of hers she enjoys. It might have some significant use....er sometime.
    2. Can heal in combat situations without breaking a nail.

    Military Experience: Minimal. She's healed and helped in small ways during her training, but mainly for those in the elven desert. Her work with the federation is pretty new.

    Short-Term Goals:
    1. Bring some sense and sensibility to those damn Castanics
    2. Find a nice place to call home while away from home

    Long-Term Goals:
    1. Make a name for herself or in her discoveries to gain entrance into the Mysterium.
    2. Fame and fortune.

    Short-Term Needs:
    1. Sensible shoes...fat chance...
    2. Gold, she lost most if not all to Arawn.

    Long-Term Needs:
    1. Some rich man to take care of her.
    2. Design her own house.
    3. A lover.

    1. Despite being an elf, nature and bugs can drive her crazy. She loves cities and houses.
    2. She tends to twist her hair around her fingers, tugging it into knots.

    1. Collects all sorts of rocks, noting their scientific names and components. This makes her bags heavy...and she doesn't care! She'd roll a boulder across the land to keep it.

    She's typically even tempered and handles most jibs and annoyances with the aplomb of her kind. She tries to be stately and refined, but she's not made of stone and can laugh away. It's rare for her to grow angry or jovial. But she has her moments.

    How she handles annoyances:
    If someone wrongs her, they find themselves pranked to extinction, or handled in a more political way. She loves to learn of and categorize any social issues or past embarrassments to use against those around her. It's the actual blackmail part she is rather green of and is learning, often bitten by her own attempts. Dummy. Pranks may lead to her getting into severe trouble, especially when learning the vain things people love about themselves.

    Admirable Traits:
    1. Prim, proper and devoted to living a moral life.
    2. Schooled in scholastic and ritual studies. She is open to learning and willing to spend weeks perfecting her skills.
    3. Intelligent yet can dress and socialize well, even with the dimwitted.

    Negative Traits:
    1. When nervous, she has been known to fumble things a bit.
    2. She judges others based on their clothing and physical state.
    3. She tends to overly explain the drawbacks of someone's actions, especially when dealing with potential diseases and contracting illnesses.

    Bad Habits/Vices:
    1. She is a terrible gambler, but she keeps trying.
    2. Selfish, seeking every lovely bit of jewelry, gold, clothing, etc she can for herself...first.
    3. Golddigger, money is everything, especially wealthy good looking men.

    1. Money talks baby.
    2. Being poor is a curse.

    Pet Peeves and Gripes:
    1. Dirty finger nails...well..dirty people.
    2. Poor people.
    3. Naked whores sitting on or using things of hers.

    Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed:
    1. Public nudity.
    2. Being made to beg.
    3. Public displays of affection (unless high and drunk it seems)

    Most Painful Things in One's Life:
    1. Being extremely attracted to someone, but following her mother's orders and teachings to never indulge.
    2. High...heel...shoes...in...mountains...men have no idea. Suspect

    Ever Been Arrested?
    1. She was very close to being arrested a couple times. But she talked her way out of it.

    Political or Social Issues Most Important To Character:
    1. The current policies for aiding refugees by the elven courts.
    2. The rising fanaticism for questionable gods in an age of reason.
    3. The loss of potential relics and places of power to the argons and the warfare in ending their invasion.

    1. Being destitute with no where to go.
    2. Blindness.
    3. Not being married or a mistress.

    Mental Disturbances:
    1. She can be obsessed with an idea or plan, following it even if unattainable.
    2. Extreme germ phobia/neat freak

    1. Rock collecting.
    2. Shopping.
    3. Seeking solitude through travel, or with only a few friends.

    1. After growing up in the desert, she's fascinated by the ocean/lakes/rivers, swims any chance she can get.
    2. The rising political situations between provinces.
    3. Continuing her studies in architecture.

    Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex:
    1. Eyes
    2. Butts
    3. Pocketbooks

    Attributes About Character that Turn on Opposite Sex:
    1. Lovely boobs
    2. Nice ass
    3. Tremendous curves

    Sexual Turn-Ons:
    1. Extremely expensive gifts, like jewelry and clothing.
    2. Food in sexual play

    Sexual Turn-Offs:
    1. Dirty, nasty, smelly guys.
    2. Being smacked on the ass in passing.
    3. Nail biting.

    Traumas/Psychological Scars from the Past:
    1. None.

    Favorite Pet Sayings, Words, Idiolect:

    Speaking Style: Articulate and...far too fast when in "scholar" mode. Even toned and blithely content despite the situation, even if striped nude, with rather pointed stated facts.

    Philosophy of Life: Excellent clothing, jewels, gorgeous homes, and all the accouterments of wealth are worth everything. To be pampered is to be loved. To never have to ask for a thing is contentment.

    Type and Number of Close Friends: Still learning about her current company. For some reason, she feels a connection with Alektos. She is also building trust with Arawn, intrigued by how he thinks.
    Best Friend: Back home.
    Other Friends: Most are back home.

    Most Crucial Experience: When she came of age, her mother did not allow her to indulge in the many experiences of other young women her age among society. As such, she was not chosen for marriage or as a mistress. Voriel worries terribly that she will die a spinster, without a man to care for her.

    Major Problems to Solve or Overcome:
    1. Selfish greed. It can endear her to the right people, or piss them off.
    2. Compared to Castanics, she's practically saintly in her sexuality. She simply has not had a chance to live. This is the first time away from dear mother.
    3. She dresses in cocktail gowns when adventuring...who does that?

    Solutions to Major Problems:
    She spends far too much time planning and thinking to figure out an issue or problem. She will pick apart the problems, categorize it out, and find the linchpin to solving it...or so she thinks? She should just leap into action but doesn't.

    Minor Problems to Solve or Overcome:
    1. A job that really pays!
    2. Getting Alektos off of her boobs when sharing the same room.

    Place of Residence: still finding one!
    Place of Birth: Allemantheia

    Relatives: her mother Cersith Phaelis, father unknown

    Occupation: "Architect", she has always believed the design of buildings and homes in so many ways is a form of controlling others...and she is a rock collecting geek.
    Tradeskill: Alchemy. Her love of science has led her down this path.

    Fashion of Choice: Long dresses and sandals, long scarves to protect her from the sun and wind. She grew up in the deserts.
    Armor of Choice: Long robes and fine long gloves. All those short dresses just lead to sand in bad places.
    Weapons of Choice: Explosive butterflies! Far worse than it seems...

    The lines of blood in elven society twist and turn like the threads of a tapestry. And so many of these are a mix. Some pure, others...not so refined. This is how Voriel was born, a mix you could say.

    Voriel wasn't exactly...planned on. Her mother has worked as a librarian for the "universities", often on loan to fine houses. During her work, she had enjoyed excellent parties, like all elves do.

    A romp of a weekend of visiting dignitaries, a fling later in the week, and random meetings between a few gentlemen ..a mix of enjoyment and wine...and within a year, she was with child. Voriel was born. Her mother cared for her, and gained sponsorship by the Hasaili family as the baby's coloring seemed to favor many of the gents in their house.

    They lived comfortably, working for the scholars and schools. Voriel endured lesson after lesson by a mother dedicated to learning, and determined to never allow her daughter to make the mistakes she made. She forced Voriel to live so very prim and proper. Her mother felt rather embarrassed despite the "wonderful opportunity" having the bastard child, and made sure to teach her daughter better. (But it was damn fun! She would never tell her daughter that. So of course she tried to instill a fear of boys in her daughter...haha like that would work!)

    Over the years, Voriel trained the arts of scholarship, with a dream to become an architect. Designing and building halls and palaces is something she has always loved, and found inspiring. Alas! During her work, and ducking away from young men testing their suave skills, Vorial's magical aptitude awoke...by crashing a potted plant on their heads. She also lured plants to twist roots around their legs. Oh and there was the issue of sending a tiny fairy elemental after another trying to set their fancy gloves on fire for trying to cop a feel!

    Her days of learning about stone and flying buttresses was over! She had a few opportunities. Seek a path of the arcane, the priesthood, or embrace the ancient path of mystics. The elves have loved the lands around them, embracing every clime, all of nature. She choose it mainly...cause she loved rocks, and nobles tended to fill the other orders. Or it was just a fluke.

    So why...did she leave?

    It wasn't for any fantastic or inspirational reason. Not to save the world. Or to seek adventure. She followed caravans as an expert and to help in protecting goods procured, keeping the guards well, etc. She did it for money. Let's face it, she loved the finer things, and hugging nature and reading books wasn't cutting it.

    She found herself in a distant land, with a purse full of gold, and the opportunity for a favorite past time...gambling! She ....sucked at it. Lost all her gold to some Castanic named Arawn.

    ....oh well...time for adventure now!

    So why is she joining the federation?

    Being poor sucks!

    Eventually it will mean something. But not right now.

    Uncles you say?
    Voriel's mother filled her head with many stories, though the full subject of her siring will ever remain a mystery. According to her mother, she became the lover to a gentleman securing ties among the Mysterium. As she became heavy with child, he was sent abroad upon research assignments, to die far away and never to be found. Ever since, she has made it a life's pursuit to keep Voriel clothed, virginal, and as far from sexual deviancy as possible.

    That...has just backfired.

    In truth, a group of gentleman friends of remarkable nobility took it upon themselves to have a rather leisurely event after planning and incursions of conquest among the houses and affairs abroad for the Federation. The council of elven leadership decreed a ban upon warring with the other races as this Federation could prove a far stronger avenue of ending threats...and gaining political power. So against the weaker did they best. As winners, always the winners, they invited themselves to a few of those bested by their wit and ability. With a somewhat cavalier attitude, and extreme care of privacy, they indulged in rare debauchery. And so it was the librarian Cersith Phaelis enjoyed their pleasures.

    One of these uncles is Priest Aurellon Constellas, a lord of lords, of which Voriel holds in deepest regard and adoration. She finds the interest of the company in securing a brothel in the elven lands intensely humorous, foolhardy, and yet commendable for vision and goals. As such, she has invited him for discussions with Arawn to see if this merits out as a worthy venture and potential landmark of political power through desires. Or give him an opportunity to teach the upstarts a bit of a lesson. A bit of retribution for their constant savage badgering.

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    Additional Factoids from Gameplay

    She goes by the title doctor at times. She seems accredited in handling old sawbones methods as much as magical.

    If followed about, finding her can be a rarity. When visiting Velika, she tends to either go straight to shopping and dining or down a set of halls and chambers into the finer districts near the military quarter until lost into one of the buildings.

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