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    Post by Jackal on Sun May 13, 2012 7:50 am

    Velika - date ??

    The Jackal strode sharply through the streets of Velika, flicking dust from the coal-gray overcoat. People rushing around, adverts on lampposts and street corners. The city was nigh roaring with activity. Cultists, spies, traitors, paranoia on the streets and Argons at their borders. A din of chaos and desperation in the streets as sweet as wine

    It was truly a glorious time to be in business.

    A goodly bit of coin from the last commission, even after unexpected expenses leaving Kaiator. They need only a check in with Pigeon and then there would be a glorious vacation at long last. Sun, waves, large beverages, finger food, scantly clad bottoms.....

    This pleasant train of thought was interrupted as the Jackal caught sight of a particular advertisement on the posting board. It would have been lost in the sea of similar paper looking for men and material if not for the name emblazoned on the material.

    Jackal stopped dead to read over the advert. Ripping the piece of paper off the post, the figure gripped it in horror while desperately re-reading it. As if sheer force of will could force it to change what had been written. However the print remained the same.

    Whistling for a horse, Jackal saddled up and quickly rode through the streets of Velika toward the Federation offices.


    Hours later, the figure stumbled into a tavern. Waving the bartender to get something strong to his table. Slumping into a chair limply in shock.

    Lost. The vaults, their documents and contacts - everything was GONE. What had happened? Where was Pigeon while they were on commission? Who had DARED do this to their livelihood?!

    Jackal stared coldly at the drink, fury beyond mere rage causing the drink to shake in a gloved hand. Whomever was responsible, whoever had conducted such an offense would be found out. A ledger was produced, and Jackal began writing messages out rapidly in neat scripts and codes.


    Urgent, complete all commissions in progress with speed and return. All hands recalled. Do not break cover. Leave message in first standard drop point on arrival Velika to arrange meeting.


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    Post by Arawn on Wed May 16, 2012 12:24 pm

    The sun had set several hours ago as the night claimed the world and brought an uneasy chill to the air. The tavern and all the shops had locked and closed their doors as the harbor slept, that is all but one.

    Arawn sat at his desk, reading over the two recent reports he had paid handsomely for. He didn't know what concerned him more the fact that he paid so much for so little information, or that so little information was known. Sitting back in his chair as he tapped his chin in thought, there was potential danger, his life being on the end of that line. But often times that could lead to a great deal of profit.

    As to not awake the two sleeping women in his bed just one room over, he quietly pushed out his chair and stood, walking as softly as possible over to the painting on the wall . His fingertips moved along the edge of the frame until he flicked a latch that allowed the painting to swing out on a hinge. Pulling on the frame to swing the painting enough to reveal a safe built into the wall. Quick and nimble fingers moved the lock code around until the small safe opened.

    Pushing aside some gems and coin, Arawn pulled out a large ledger before closing both the safe and the painting. Walking back over to his desk he sat down and went over his books. These were the private books of the company, the ones the Federation Tax Accountants never saw. Arawn always wanting to make sure a profit was made on every deal, made sure to put all of his business down into this ledger.

    Skimming down the list of payouts he found the name he was looking for. An informant he rarely used as the price was high, but he always managed to get the best and accurate information. And since his life was on the line and the future of his company the price was of little concern.

    Putting pen to parchment he started to write out a letter, to the unknowning it would seem like a rambling of words of a crazed person. But to those frequent in the business it was a request of information, the letter was short as the message was simple.

    Find as much information as you can about the old Onyx Rose and its members. You'll find your regular fee plus extra in the usual location.


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