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    Post by Alektos on Thu May 10, 2012 8:19 am

    Shadows danced on the walls of the tent cast by the campfires beyond the thick cloth walls. The sounds of the sleeping camp filtered into the confines, the crackly of the dying fires, creak of leather harnesses and restless shuffling of horses settling in for the night. However none of this was heard by the Castanic woman inside the tent. The sounds muffled by the rushing of blood in her ears, her vision blinded by rage.

    Heart hammering, Alektos gasped for breath as she came back to herself and looked around the enclosure. The red she had been seeing was not entirely due to the rage she had been feeling moments before. Glancing around the tent, she took in the sight of the blood that was splattered over every surface, slowing oozing down the walls and dripping from the ceiling.

    “What happened?” Her voice barely above a whisper, she raised a hand pinching the bridge of her nose and squeezed her eyes shut in pain, trying to recall where the last few minutes had gone. Noticing the sticky wet feeling on her fingers, she drew them back to take a look. Blood covered her hand and was slowing running down her forearm. That’s when she realized she had something clutched tightly in her other hand. Glancing down Alek met a gruesome sight. Her left hand was wrapped around the haft of a massive axe much like the one old Dario had showed her how to handle. The honed steel stained red with the blood of the man now laying dead at her feet.

    Seeing the carnage before her, Alek slowly began to recall what had brought her to this point. The man who’s name she couldn’t recall was one of the new recruits with the mercenary unit that she and a few other whores followed around. It was good money and an easy way for her to travel while searching for her missing brother. The older veterans in the unit were mostly Castanic and had always looked out for the girls, though some of the newer men were of other races, and as long as they had coin who was she to deny them what the others gladly paid for? Besides nothing like this had ever happened before in the camp.

    The man who had paid for her services tonight thought that his coin gave him the right to get rough. So when Alek tried to return his coin and told him to get out, he became enraged and hit her. Alektos had stumbled and crashed into the corner of the cot, opening a gash along her scalp. In a daze, she sat there for a moment before something inside her snapped. She had reached for the closest object which just so happened to be the man's axe. He had left it on the floor along with his clothes when entering the tent.

    Blind with rage, she stood and swung the axe, the first strike lodged in the neck and shoulder of the man. Her memories blurred here leaving her with only flashes of memory beyond that point in time. The feel of the axe as it collided with bone smashing through with brute force, the coppery smell of blood so thick in the air you could almost taste it, even the sound of steel on flesh all whirled around in her head making her dizzy. With the return of her memories came the pain, throbbing in her skull radiating out from where she hit the cot and a bruise already forming on her face where she was struck.

    Dropping the axe and stumbling forward, she started sifting through the wreckage in the tent in search of some cloth not already soaked in blood. Finally finding what she was after Alektos moved toward the small table on the other side of the tent glad that it was still standing. Finding a bowl, she grabbed a near by jug of water and started pouring it over her hands scrubbing away the blood. Tearing off a few long strip of the cloth and setting them aside she then wet the rest of it. She used it to wash away the blood from her face, then pressed it tight to the wound on her head to stop the bleeding, cursing at the pain this caused.

    When the bleeding finally slowed, she used the strips she had set aside to bind the wound. “I cant stay here but where to go?” She mumbled staring blankly into the bloody water in the bowl. “Wait I know, wasn’t there some expedition recruiting out of Velika?” Straightening up, she looked around again searching. Walking over to the cot she reached under it feeling around for the bag she kept stored under there. “Ahah here we go.” Dragging the bag out she began wandering around the room collecting the few things she could find that were not covered in blood and stuffing them in. When there was nothing left to grab, she took one last look around. Seeing the axe on the ground she bent down and picked it up once more a determined light entering her eyes.

    Cautiously, Alek stuck her head out of the tent to see if anyone was around. Casting her gaze around, she saw that everyone was already tucked safely away in their tents or passed out near the campfires. Exiting the tent she slipped past the guards, many years with the unit leaving her with the knowledge of who tended to doze off during their shift making it easy. As she walked away from the camp she couldn’t help but feel a moments regret for leaving without word. The old timers would be worried. Maybe she would send word that she was ok when she got far enough away from this small southern outpost.

    Casting such thoughts aside she turned north to Velika. Perhaps this new path her life was taking would bring with it more clues to her brother's disappearance so many years before.

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