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    In a Red Dress and Alone Empty In a Red Dress and Alone

    Post by Reyth on Mon May 07, 2012 11:24 am

    ((Another addition to Reyth's story. A couple notes to help prevent confusion: Reyth's real name is Renna, and she used to be blond.))

    “I asked you to memorize the passage about Karas last night, please recite it for me now.”

    A tall, elven man paced about the large classroom. His long blond hair swishing with every step. He was dressed impeccably, a dark green jacket and matching pants, on the perch of his nose were a small pair of glasses. Before him stood a young elven girl, who was almost a mirror image. Reyth. She had the same delicate features as him and the same blond hair. However, she lacked the confidence the man was carrying.

    “Father, I tried to but--”

    The sharp gaze he gave her sent a shiver down her spine. His pacing stopped and he turned to face the desk that lay beyond them.

    “My patience wears thin Renna. Recite the passage.”

    Reyth tried to recall the words, but it had been late last night when she looked it over. She had been barely able keep her eyes open. She had promised herself she’d do it in the morning, but time had escaped from her. Now, she was in a situation she knew all too well.

    Her father turned back around from the desk, a long leather strap in hand. The leather was worn and frayed, obviously having seen quite a bit of use. A cold sweat formed on her forehead. She opened her mouth to speak, but her mind was now drawing a complete blank.

    “You didn’t read it over, did you?” Her father shook his head regretfully. “You know I find that unacceptable.”

    “I tried Father.” Reyth repeated, hanging her head. “I was just so tired--”

    “That is no excuse!” He barked loudly, his grip tightening on the strap. “How can you expect to be a viable part of our world if you don’t know anything? No child of mine will be a simpleton.”

    She closed her eyes, silently berating herself. What was I thinking? I should I have known better than to try and finish something in the morning. I’m such a fool.

    Taking a breath, her father gazed at her with an almost mournful look. “Alright Renna. We know what the punishment for failure to complete a lesson is. Please turn around.”

    She did so, all the while reaching up to pull at the top of her dress. Without a word, Reyth tugged the top down to her waist, revealing the skin beneath. Her back was already decorated with various scars and bruises. Some old and fading, some new and fresh. Biting her lip, she forced herself to stare straight ahead. Tears no longer came to her, she was far too used to this consequence. Instead, an apathetic expression overtook her face.

    She’d found that the first hit with the strap was always the worst, and this time proved no different. The pain was sharp and intense, taking her breath away. She felt the leather bite into her flesh, peeling it back. The next hits came in quick succession and since they seemed to blend together, Reyth found they weren’t as bad. When her father finally finished, she knew she would be sleeping on her stomach for the next few nights. The beating had been quick, but damage was done. A new set of welts to contend with.

    Gingerly, she pulled the dress back up, trying not to grimace at the pain of cloth rubbing against her raw back. She turned around to face her father again and he just shook his head in disgust.

    “Go get yourself cleaned up and learn that passage. No excuses tomorrow. Understand me?”

    Nodding meekly, she waited till he left before making her own exit.

    Back in her room, Reyth stared at her back in the mirror. Another lovely dress ruined. The white material was soaked through with crimson. Scowling, Reyth went to her vanity and pulled out bandages and a jar. As she carefully began the process of tending to her back, she couldn’t help but shake her own head in disgust. Another dress stained red. I hate that stupid color, if I never see a red dress again it will be too soon.

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