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    Chiron's Application Empty Chiron's Application

    Post by Chiron on Sat May 05, 2012 5:08 am

    Application to the Company

    Character Name: Chiron
    Class: Slayer
    Race: Castanic
    Theme: Grizzled Blademaster

    Type of contract :
    [X ] Mercenary

    Professions: Castanic Ex-Military (Officer), Weaponsmith, Blademaster

    Interests (rp):
    -Getting paid to be a soldier.
    -Having the opportunity to fight worthy opponents.
    -Drowning the memories of his past with expensive and illegally acquired vintages.
    -Ensuring that the next generation of adventurers are better prepared than his was.

    Interests (goals): Apart from RP, which is a major focus of mine, I'm very interested to see what the dedicated PvE encounters in Tera have to offer. On the other end of the spectrum, I have lot of experience with PVP in other MMOs and I'm drawn to the idea of politics and the opportunity to mix RP and PVP that follows. Chiron as a character has an urge to be a mentor and a leader and I'd like to follow up on that.

    What drives you to join the Onyx Rose? -It strikes me as a well thought out, stylishly crafted concept with characters that I'd like to RP with. I like to RP vagabonds, misfits and anti-heroes, so I'm hoping this'll fit!

    A bit about Chiron: Grizzled is the operative word with this one, though the days when dashing might have been more apt aren't -that- long gone. His blade is worn comfortably across his back, old and well used, the leather of the handle faded from use. He moves with the tell-tale grace of a proud Castanic warrior, standing at odds with his aged and scarred features.

    When pressed for conversation, Chiron's words are best described as spare and sharp, much like his fighting style. Excluding times when he's let the drink get the better of him, he exudes the practiced stoicism of an officer, though the recent years and the jobs he's taken during them have roughened him a bit around the edges.

    He has a reputation for professionalism and ruthless efficiency, balanced by an intense temper and a somewhat stifled impulse for reckless acts of bravado. Beyond his service with the Castanic military and subsequent terms of service with different mercenary corps leading up to the arrival of the Isle of Dawn, the details of Chiron's personal life remain just that; personal.

    As is stands, Chiron is working as a freelance Mercenary in Arun, still recovering from the devastating loss of his company during the initial expedition at the Isle of Dawn. Hard up for coin and down at the bottom of some very cheap bottles, now would be a great time for him to find some new employment.

    What times do you play/interview setup? Usually after 4PM EST, definitely 11PM+ to the 4AM range EST. I wait tables for a living for the time being so my schedule fluctuates, but I work nights most weekends but am home for the late night stuff. Around during the day during the week about three days out of five.

    Any other forms of roleplay expres​sion(optional): I'll leave the rest to develop organically in-game. With that, thanks for your time and have a nice day!


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    Chiron's Application Empty Re: Chiron's Application

    Post by Voriel on Sat May 05, 2012 1:55 pm

    Welcome, Chiron!

    Your character sounds like an excellent fit for the Company. Alektos (recruitment knee breaker) and Arawn (the head hancho) will review your app! We are also having an rp get together Sunday night at Cutthroat Harbor, 5pm pst/7pm pst, summon and escorts available for those that need.

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