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    APPLICATION! (read here)


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    APPLICATION! (read here) Empty APPLICATION! (read here)

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    APPLICATION! (read here) Application1

    Welcome to the Onyx Rose Company!

    Please copy and paste the info under the dotted line into a NEW THREAD! Fill it out, and we will respond with questions, thoughts, and a meeting time to work out an in game chat. If forums are easier due to time, we can roleplay and work things out a bit through the thread before meeting.


    ~The Company


    Application to the Company

    Character Name:
    Theme (if any):

    Type of contract (select one):
    [ ] Mercenary - The muscle. Caravan and business protection, adventure the world, provide arms and combat as needed abroad and at home to protect the company's ventures. Arms may be needed for securing caravans, providing security, and ensuring business continues.
    [ ] Business - The deal makers. Secure business and negotiate contracts with other guilds, groups, cities, provinces, and vanarchs. Use your suave skills towards turning a profit. Travel expected!

    Further opportunities as your work with the company progresses!

    Interests (rp): Character aims? What you hope to do?

    Interests (goals): PVE? PVP? Raiding? Political System?

    What drives you to join the Onyx Rose?

    Tell us a bit about your character!

    What times do you play/interview setup?

    Any other forms of roleplay expres​sion(optional): Feel free to add a short bio, a bit of roleplay story, even some story for how you fill this out and leave it with the company in Cutthroat Island!

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