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    Guild Levels, Catharnach Awards, and You


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    Guild Levels, Catharnach Awards, and You Empty Guild Levels, Catharnach Awards, and You

    Post by Baeshra on Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:17 pm

    What are Catharnach Awards?

    Catharnach Awards are tokens that you receive for completing guild quests which are available to you after leaving the Island of Dawn. These quests usually require little more effort other than picking them up, as frequently they will share the same objective as your other quests. Quite frequently you will be done with these quests before you finish your other quests in a zone and on the occasion that you are not done the amount of additional kills you need will be few. There are some of these guild quests that can feel very grindy but they are well worthwhile even though you don’t get any experience for completing them.

    Wait, I don’t get experience for these quests… why do them?

    Doing guild quests is how we maintain and expand our guild level. Every two weeks Onyx Rose must pay a certain amount of Catharnach Awards based on our current level or pay even more to move up in level. This has various benefits such as access to special vendors that sell unique items, the ability for Onyx Rose to participate in the political system, and the ability for us to secure a guild mansion. The difficulty in this is that as Onyx Rose levels, the amount of awards we need every two weeks go up as well.

    So what you’re saying is that we all are responsible for keeping Onyx Rose leveled?

    That is exactly what I’m saying! Onyx Rose can only maintain our combined guild level with the help of the entire guild. Early on guild levels will be easy to maintain but with a maintenance due every two weeks, our reserve of Catharnach Awards will dwindle away quickly.

    I think I understand and I’m on board but what do I do once I have these Catharnach Awards?

    Once you have one or multiple Catharnach Awards you can either deposit them in the guild bank or send them directly to Arawn. From there they will be stockpiled so we have an accurate estimate of our available resources as well as an idea of when we will be able to level up.

    Do you have any tips for getting these tokens?

    Many guild quests have lower kill requirements than others and many of these quests share a common goal with a repeatable quest for experience. If you can find a combo like this it is a great way to help both yourself and your guild. There are also places that are just amazing for grinding out guild quests if you feel like it. One of the best spots is designed for levels 25-26 and is located just south of Popolion. It is here that you may complete a guild quest for boars very quickly and very easily. In under an hour you can easily rack up a great deal of Catharnach Awards and a great deal of experience from killing so many of them. If you have found a great spot to easily complete guild quests, reply section below!

    Anything else important that I should know?

    One more thing that everyone should know is that for any kind of repeatable quest you can simply keep killing the objective over and over and complete the quest multiple times before you return to the quest giver.

    adapted from a post by Vagrant

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