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    Hiking in Heels Empty Hiking in Heels

    Post by Voriel on Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:32 am

    On-going tale of Voriel meeting Alektos.

    The heavy thunk of stamp to paper ran through the hall over every chattering voice and growling soldier. The sound and feel of received commendations and approved conscription notices thrummed through the large hall like a strange martial heartbeat. Every member of the crowd fell into smaller groups, some already banded together under flags of camaraderie. Those without friends ready-made found themselves bumbling about, including a rather frazzled elf.

    Voriel jumbled with a contingent of Elins smacked into her legs in a swirling tornado of tails and fluttering hands. For hours she had these damned childlike creatures preening, pointing, pulling at the edge of her long skirt. Siddling away would lose her place, or get her far too close to the grizzled human men that simply smelled of sweat and metal or the Castanics smoking something that left anyone near them in a touch of buzz.

    And so she stood with the composed attention of her kind, mind reeling and somewhat dizzy with it all. A strange savior neared then, a screech of sound nearly bringing sparks as an axe scooped and pushed the Elins aside. A castanic woman nearly an entire foot shorter leaned upon the weapon with a cast off glance first at Voriel's chest then up to her face. The grin sported on her face only widening.

    "Annoying little ankle biters...aren't they."

    Raising a brow, she held her tongue a moment from commenting. The axe wielding Castanic was a few inches shorter than her brethren, though many of them seemed content to lounge off to the side. "Quite."

    "I have a feeling we may be here many hours before they get to us."

    Taking a slow deep breath, Voriel nodded. "This is my second day of waiting. I do hope this completes quickly. A meal and bath would be most welcome."

    The axe shifted slightly to give a glint of light on the sharp edge, keeping the Elins back and away. They made a face before flouncing off. The elf couldn't help but appreciate the help.

    "You and me both. Though the number of inns has dwindled. Want to take chances, find a place, just the...two of us? One girl watching out for the other?" As well meaning and kind as the offer was, which Voriel certainly felt like accepting...until she noticed the gleam in those eyes.

    "Perhaps we should wait--"

    "Attention!" The elderly officer stood before his pulpit of papers and gathered secretaries. "Another day has concluded. Due to the number of attendees and companies, we have broken you all into groups. Take a chit and return when your group is called." With a furrowing of brow, he motioned for younger men to move through the crowds with large bowels. Hands dug in to take chits with symbols, Voriel and this Castanic woman getting the same.

    "Waiting's over. So, how about it? Alektos."

    The hand offered forward and up nearly brushing her chest. Voriel took the wrist, clasping rather than palm to palm. "Voriel. There is a larger inn I considered, further near the southern gates. Perhaps they will have a room for you as well."

    Alektos smiled bright with a saunter of hips as the axe swung back and over her shoulder, sending others fleeing from her path. Voriel tilted her chin and followed much less enthusiastic though thankful for the respite.

    Sunlight poured over their heads and numerous others upon the steps before the recruitment center. Masses of people thronged together, heat and closeness making Voriel's head swim. Chilled wine, she craved it and perhaps fruits. For the moment she simply followed the tiny Castanic with the bobbing of axe far taller than her body could support. Yet never once did she smack into a wall. All Voriel could wonder was...how did she do it in 5 inch stilletos?

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