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    A Sorcerer and the Naga.


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    A Sorcerer and the Naga. Empty A Sorcerer and the Naga.

    Post by AmaraD on Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:42 am

    (( Very short story, inspired by an actual quest toward the end of open beta weekend. Trying to get my rusty hand in again.))

    Malani wasn't sure what she'd really expected to see when she'd come to Velica. There'd been the considerable drinking and gambling on her journey through the provinces, and the City of Gears had not disappointed with it's own peculiar beauty. Though Castanica was still the superior in her opinion.

    She could say with certainty that this was not what she'd expected to run into so close to the capital.


    "Yes, Naga"

    "These cultists have become bold to have conjured such spawn on the doorstep of the Federation. The humans do a poor job policing their own back yard."

    The Baraka recruiter eyed Mal skeptically, almost wanting to ask what she was driving at. Instead he spoke calmly "Our forces are spread thin, as the Argon front demands most of our forces. Be grateful you are here and not there."

    "Oh, so very grateful to be facing beasts larger then small houses all by my lonesome. I was just thinking life had been entirely too dull recently and that getting smashed into a fine mist was exactly what I needed. I'll be back for my reward as soon as my bodily fluids recombine and can form thoughts once more."

    Mal turned sharply on her heel to walk away, smirking to herself as the recruiter grumbled at her back. In truth, she was fairly certain that she could bring down the target the Federation wanted removed. But she couldn't resist mocking the self-important Baraka when it always got such an amusing reaction.

    It was not the Naga itself they really wanted slain. They wanted a demonic creature named Karas that sat amongst the Naga. An ugly, stinking, deformed demon with all the brains of a pygmy orkan. It had none-the-less been giving the local patrols trouble, and they were offering a fair reward for it's demise.

    After a long hike across the valley, she crested a small hill overlooking the encampment. Mal had to shield her eyes from the sun to pick out her target from the milling beasts.

    It would take considerable effort to prepare all the spells required for the amount of firepower she would need not to mention lay out traps. Mal peered down at her target - Karas had woken from it's slumber to clumsily bat at a young Aman lancer that had chosen to engage the creature head-on.

    The beast, she observed, seemed to have a fairly short range. It was clumsy on short, malformed legs and relied on trying to bodily crush or very short-range spells to batter the lancer. Mal preferred to simply incinerate her foes. But she was capable of conjuring frozen winds to keep the beast at range while she wore it down. It would be slow going, but it was the best chance of surviving to collect the reward money.

    More time passed - the brave or foolish lancer was very nearly out of commission, but still had the attention of Karas away from her hill. There was almost a hum of motion as her disk responded to the call of magic and begun to spin faster.

    No time like the present!

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